Friday, May 17, 2013

Today's Gifts

Battling some depression recently, I started keeping a grace board on Pinterest. I won't be too hard on myself, but I think it might be a fun challenge to count 1,000 gifts I already have by my September birthday (so 1,000 Summer gifts?). 

Most of us use pages like Pinterest to capture fragments of the beauty we long to have in our lives. Not too many of us use it to cherish what is already there. So why not join me in being among the first?

Today I'm sharing some of my gifts with you! (Maybe some look familiar? Maybe you have more treasures than you knew?) Take a moment in your day for a joy holiday. What are the gifts littering your life's pathway? 

If you start a gratitude board, please let me know! I'd love to link up and spread the joy.

Gift 46. Blossoms.

49. Perfect clusters of blossom.

45. Dandelions, particularly when they glow with dusky light.
34. Just... grace. This failing math class situation working out blissfully better, way less world-shattering and mortifying than I made it in my mind. Because when you ask for bread, you don't receive stones. Now I have a chance to go back and get a good grade!

50. Grassy hillsides with purple flowers, like the ones on the way to our local lake.

31. Delectably, creamy ice coffee in summery morning air.

33. An interview. Lucky to be called back the day after I applied!

23. My enchanted-book-of-a Kindle, and the beautiful things it holds. 

43. Quaint lanterns in our local shopping centers.

24. A confusing final causing me to fail an entire math class. My GPA plummeting. Depression sinking in. Only for me to learn... that the world does not spin upon my grades and accomplishments. Only grace.

28. smell of fresh mown grass!

52. Mythic pathways.

37. Finally got to grab this beautiful book today that my friends told me was delicious as its adorable cover-- it was only 1.99 for kindle on Amazon! (So go grab it!)

25. My scraps book full of scriptures and memories and encouragement. 
36. A friend in Literature class to tell me I sparkle. Another day to keep sparkling. A reflection of the light of lights!

51. Pink tulips.

44. Time to write outside, in the grassy breezes.

42. Tender young leaves.

Click here to see/follow the Grace List. Maybe share your gifts today in the comments below? Or hop over to the gratitude community of Ann Voskamp and take the challenge to search for and record three gifts each day. Just three gifts, to quadruple your peace and happiness.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures! You are prayed for :]

God bless,

Rachel Danielle said...

Thank you so much Tracy-- you as well! Thanks also for your encouraging e-mail. Your words mean a lot to me, and keep me writing!