Friday, November 22, 2013

You're a Snowflake

I've been away a long while now, I know. But this long time away from the blogsphere has been one long grace-filled adventure, much of which I can't wait to share. 

But let me tell you of yesterday.

Yesterday, I woke to a frigid white world, and to a dire lack of desire to go to school. The last day before Thanksgiving break is always ridiculously difficult. 

Yet to the car I trudged, through the glittering, achy cold. And once inside, I paused.


Couldn't believe my eyes. 

Tangled in my hair was a series of perfect snowflakes. Intricate works of lacy perfection. Just... indescribably incredible. The snowflake in this purple picture is a real, live, close-up snowflake. They were like that, only so real, so tangible. 

And they were so small. 

I've heard it, like everyone's heard it. No two snowflakes are alike. 

No two snowflakes? 

We drove past fields, were sun was breaking through, dusting the glittery earth with light. There were blankets of snow, far as the eyes could see. And all of that was composed of trillions of miniscule, complex flakes, all of them hand-crafted by the God of the universe, and unique? 

How can anyone in the universe not look at a snowflake and think, Good heavens above, there must be a God.  

And all I could do was marvel. Dumbfounded. How we are loved!

I haven't gotten over it, the lesson of the snowflakes. Marvel, I'd call it. All today, in all the little things, all I could think was: snowflakes! He is real! He cares! He is in all the little things! He loves me! He loves me enough to even make snowflakes for me, and for all of us! And if He made every snowflake special, He's made every one of us a trillion times more special!

If the King of Creation takes time on every elaborate little snowflake, how much more is he working on you? Fashioning a magical work of art in you, your life, your testimony, your gifts? 

So much in such a miniscule fray of creation. 

So in love with the maker of snowflakes. 

Good night, all you glittery glimpses of His glory!