Sunday, May 19, 2013

Today in Pins. A Rest Day.

My dear, dear friend and reader Tracy sent me a bundle of beautiful gifts! I couldn't find all of the original photos in order to pin them, but I found most, and they have a happy home on my gratitude list. 

What gratitude list? Well, these days I have been finding happiness with Pinterest for my magic tool. 

If you need some rest tonight, maybe peruse through and be reminded. There is Love in every fold and pocket of our world. 

What set your soul at rest today? 

(And I must add- I was so happy reaching my goal of 100 gifts in the first week! The plan is to reach 200 next). 

Gift 103. Surprise in my e-mail box. A message from Tracy-- more stunning gifts of Grace.

109. Just... photos of baby penguins arms outstretched in happiness. :)

83. This marvelous, marvelous author! All is Grace.

82. Reading in the fading light.

88. My dear friend's song, summing up today's sermon and today's plea. "Spirit of consuming fire/ burn intense inside of me!"

98. Artistic journaling, particularly in my scraps book. It's been therapeutic lately. 

111. The happy land of Beatrix Potter! What sweetness to grow up with. :) I love reading these to the children at my Church.

112. Appley Dapplys Nursery Rhymes - 1917 - Guinea Pig in Top Hat and Coat!

114. "I'm much better at sacrificing than surrendering." God calls us to come closer. And He gives us our heart cries and gifts for a reason. He only wants us to give them to Him that He may mold them to fullness! To live open handed is to truly live.

85. Redheaded munchkins holding the song book upside down in Church.
92. An abundance of blue eyed babies. 

106. Beauty out of common things. Like button trees.

86. Leaves beyond our chapel window, making soft hymns in the morning light.

89. Flowers scattered among steps.

108. Gorgeous gates. Reminding that it's more than all right to be "A Garden Enclosed."

95. Currently obsessed with Greenroom notebooks. (I get mine at Target). Inexpensive, beautiful, and recycled!

91. "A Mighty Fortress is our God!/ a Bulwark never failing/ our helper He amid the flood/ of mortal ills prevailing!" 
93. "The Spirit and the gifts are ours."

97. My orange dress (such as I normally hate) paired with a denim jacket. And suddenly I love it. :)

94. And I'm not Roman Catholic but this Catholic quote sums up everything. "The Church has outlived every major Empire. Think Twice." As a pastor said well several weeks ago, "Folks don't sacrifice to Zeus and Apollo anymore. But they do sing praises to Jesus."

87. The sharp, sharp, green and blue contrast beyond my window today.

102. Train tracks of a stunning nature.

110. Turtles and frogs and nature-turned fantasy. :)

107. Quaint typewriters.

105. "You're braver than you believe stronger than you seem and smarter than you think." So serendipitous that Tracy sent me this because I have been rereading my childhood favorites lately-- Winnie the Pooh among them!

104. Unfathomably beautiful Wisteria tunnels.

100. Quiet time and yoga to start the morning right.

101. And that happy glow that yoga leaves you with.

And just randomly. I had an Angry Cat moment today: 

And this hilariously summed the conclusion of the Spring semester: 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Today in Pins. A Serendipitous Day.

Counting gifts with Pinterest and finding happiness. Peruse through for a breath of fresh air! 

What were some of your glad surprises today? 

73. Watching the Preakness with my hilarious mother.

65. Driving by a beautiful blur of buds, leaves, and dandelions.

76. Gorgeous, rustic notebooks.

63. Realizing that 100 years from now, no one will remember those little idiotic-sounding slips of the tongue. So... they don't matter! Learn as you go.

67. Nests amassed in the trees.
79. You don't need to be perfect to be loved by a Perfect God.

72. Delicious talk on the phone with a dear friend.

74. A day full of serendipity. Running into multiple friends at the store and randomly telling my mom I want to visit a certain university. Getting on the phone with my friend the minute I get home-- and she asks me to come with her and visit that university. I even just found the word "serendipity" on a random pin. But it's an eternity greater than a happy surprise. All is GRACE.

69. Just... Spring!

78. Stacks of blissful perfection.

71. That colorful myriad of late afternoon light. Our Lord makes beautiful things.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Today's Gifts

Battling some depression recently, I started keeping a grace board on Pinterest. I won't be too hard on myself, but I think it might be a fun challenge to count 1,000 gifts I already have by my September birthday (so 1,000 Summer gifts?). 

Most of us use pages like Pinterest to capture fragments of the beauty we long to have in our lives. Not too many of us use it to cherish what is already there. So why not join me in being among the first?

Today I'm sharing some of my gifts with you! (Maybe some look familiar? Maybe you have more treasures than you knew?) Take a moment in your day for a joy holiday. What are the gifts littering your life's pathway? 

If you start a gratitude board, please let me know! I'd love to link up and spread the joy.

Gift 46. Blossoms.

49. Perfect clusters of blossom.

45. Dandelions, particularly when they glow with dusky light.
34. Just... grace. This failing math class situation working out blissfully better, way less world-shattering and mortifying than I made it in my mind. Because when you ask for bread, you don't receive stones. Now I have a chance to go back and get a good grade!

50. Grassy hillsides with purple flowers, like the ones on the way to our local lake.

31. Delectably, creamy ice coffee in summery morning air.

33. An interview. Lucky to be called back the day after I applied!

23. My enchanted-book-of-a Kindle, and the beautiful things it holds. 

43. Quaint lanterns in our local shopping centers.

24. A confusing final causing me to fail an entire math class. My GPA plummeting. Depression sinking in. Only for me to learn... that the world does not spin upon my grades and accomplishments. Only grace.

28. smell of fresh mown grass!

52. Mythic pathways.

37. Finally got to grab this beautiful book today that my friends told me was delicious as its adorable cover-- it was only 1.99 for kindle on Amazon! (So go grab it!)

25. My scraps book full of scriptures and memories and encouragement. 
36. A friend in Literature class to tell me I sparkle. Another day to keep sparkling. A reflection of the light of lights!

51. Pink tulips.

44. Time to write outside, in the grassy breezes.

42. Tender young leaves.

Click here to see/follow the Grace List. Maybe share your gifts today in the comments below? Or hop over to the gratitude community of Ann Voskamp and take the challenge to search for and record three gifts each day. Just three gifts, to quadruple your peace and happiness.