Monday, February 18, 2013

Princess Slumber Parties turned Miracles


Some girls don't get to do fun girl-things like slumber parties. Some girls live imprisoned in dark places, hurt and humiliated as they are used sexually.

It's been four years since I've had a sleepover. I was fourteen last.

Years withered away friendless, and into depression, and in hurt. Then there were friends, but it was hard to let them in. I look back and think I suffered so little now.

Along the lonely path God brought me a beautiful friend named Nicole (whom you can read from in the post below). She had too much in common with me to be believed, and was also so very different, her own beautiful person.

But more than anything she lived the kind of love and adventuring that I was seeking in my daily life.

So this weekend was that first sleepover. And I can sit here for hours and never entirely recount how powerful that night was.

But as we were scanning funny things on the Internet, we got a realm time update. These updates come whenever our friends from the freedom firm are about to perform an operation to save girls imprisoned by sexual slavery.

They had learned of two girls in need of rescuing, and were about to go in. But surrounding the operation was severe opposition. They needed prayers.

Nicole and I, we looked at each other, and we prayed. We forget how powerful prayer is, forget that we get to step into the throne room of a king and fight battles, every prayer a slash with immortal weaponry.

Nicole said, "And Lord, if there are any more girls in that area, help them."

Today, I got an e-mail from my dear friend. My heart pounded.

"God answered our prayers, over and abundantly! There are not just two girls rescued, but eight!! And six are minors... And this is a breakthrough in a very resistant area! Be encouraged. :-) HE LISTENS AND ACTS!! Don't forget to sign up for these Real Time Updates - they are amazing.



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Cafe Fashionista said...

What a wonderful turn of events. It is true that prayer is very powerful. :)

Rachel Danielle said...

Thanks Ms. Fashionista-- I totally agree! Few things so beautifully powerful. ;)

Rissi said...

What a nice post, Rachel. It is sad how deprived some girl's lives have become - all we can do is pray that someone will come into their lives and be a good role model or positive influence.

Rachel Danielle said...

Thanks Rissi, and I absolutely agree-- these girls need inspiration and simply hope. I'm praying God will bring many such people into their lives,perhaps some of us girls among them!