Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Black Bow Project

We are live with the Black Bow Project, and already to around half a hundred dollars as far as shopper's impact!

Life is busy in this corner of the world. Plans get thwarted. And nothing goes quite like you planned. And you can feel sick to the stomach or see it as part of the journey. What story is good without twists and turns, ups and downs, equally savored?

I'm hoping to write more this summer, namely blogging and storytelling over journalism (which is stretching, and good, but not necessarily my forte). Also, we're in the throes of the latest Living Vivid, which I'm excited about (I'm particularly excited about a story my friend Nicole is going to be sharing!)

And I could sure use prayers as I set about conquering this last semester of algebra.

I hope you'll enjoy looking around the Black Bow page, and consider joining our adventure by giving or praying (or becoming one of the black bow sisters yourself!).

Lots of love!!! 


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Princess Quotes and a Free Book

Every now and again a girl needs to be reminded she is a princess, and that life is one grand, big, beautiful adventure. I heard something today that I truly needed to hear:

We have reached princesshood when we are princesses always. Like Cinderella serving her cruel family with heart and hope and song, like Sarah Crewe a princess in tattered rags, like Snow White working hard to make a home for slobby dwarves, and being her bubbly self still, even when cast from her castle...

I like how Ann Voskamp said it yesterday after her trip from Haiti, about being radical: 

"And that’s what preaches the gospel: it’s the arteries that preach the gospel, a whole heart... the best preachers embody gospel, make words move through their skin...

eager to preach the gospel also to you who are in the kitchen hungry, you in the nameless streets needing love, you in the nursing home, you in the mudroom, you around the corner needing a meal and a long hug and a longer, lingering ear."

Embodiment of immortal love. A lady of light. That is the mystical thing called a princess, and we need many more. We need you.



If you've one of those magical books called a kindle, be certain to pick up A Little Princess for free. I am eighteen years of age, and still return to it time and again.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

New Living Vivid!

Open publication - Free publishing - More christianity

Alas, there has been illness in this era of the world, and Nicole's lovely articles will have to wait 'till next edition. But she did manage to share a lovely spring poem for everyone to enjoy!

Enjoy this latest newsletter, and go to vividlives.blogspot.com to have it slipped into your inbox every month!

Saturday, March 9, 2013