Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pinspirational Tuesdays: Laughs and Ladylike Delight

'Tis Tuesday again! I enjoyed it so much last time, I found a way, between preparing for finals and finishing up projects, to pull together a Pinspirational! I pray you enjoy these day brighteners, and then, a pretty depiction of the soul stirring reminder... (You shall see what I mean).  

These? Fit right into the story book pages of my life. :)

So, I cannot contain my apall, but I cannot contain my giggling either.

When texting meets Avonlea meets Anne meets three tumblers of wine and a drunken Diana. ;)

In favor of Spring... How like Spring-fairies!

And being Spring, 'Tis the time for pretty, feminine clothes, and equally pretty and feminine drinks! :)

 And a friend and I found this while we ought to have been studying. I have heard the quote many a time before, but it came at just the perfectly magical time, and it was so soul-chilling. Carry it close to your heart. Put it on your blog. Make it your wallpaper. Remember.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pinsperational Tuesdays: A Magic Eve

The time has come for me to partake of this lovely tradition started by Jessica at Diary of a Beautiful Soul.

I would wear this dress to tea.

And I should love this quaint snow-white-esque pocketwatch necklace.

Do-it-yourself flowers? How darling! On my list of to-do.

This drink is raspberry sherbet, pink lemonade, and sprite. Sound delectable? I do believe! A drink like this, on a night like this: periwinkle twilight, stinging pine tree, pixie lights dangling from said pine tree. It sounds lovely beyond words.

 If you believe you'll try the flowers or the drink, I'd love to know! Share how they come out. And how'd I forget? Here is the link to my Pinterest!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day Brightener: A Funny Letter

Oh, the things children say! Here is a letter to brighten your afternoon. I might like to secure a unicorn servant myself!

Photo from Pinterest. Click to enlarge.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Fairy Tale Night, A Very Real Fight

You are cordially invited to enjoy a fairy tale night and join a very real fight. I was ecstatic to look on the Rebelution Blog today and see a post about the incredible adventure my dear (real life!) friends are upon.
Join us for The Freedom Ball and join the fight against sex slavery.

*The Rebelution

*The Ball Blog

*Buy Your Ticket

Please go, give, spread the word, or pray! I hope to see you there.