Monday, August 27, 2012

Bashing the School Blues

If I wasn't on campus today, wasting my time in the pointless throes of algebra, I'd be...
*Writing an epic novel.
*Ending world hunger.
*Riding a horse. In a field.
*Reading a book, on this bench, by this water.
*Generally, doing anything but school.
In the least, that is what I tell myself, but then when I do not have school, my day hardly looks anything like this (save the epic novel part, for I hardly let a day get by without writing). So... why not? Why don't I do all those things that I chant to myself, "I'd be doing that if I wasn't here," and then when I'm not here-- I typically sleep the day away?
Just a thought for you.
Bashing the school blues:
*Grab a minute outside or in a corner of the library with God's word (BEST part of my Monday)
*Talk to God in that minute outside or in the library.
*Eat something energy giving, granola, fruit. Enjoy a refreshing bottle of ice water.
*Bash the negativity. I'm still working on this in algebra. I'm certain there's some redeeming quality. Somewhere.
*Take a minute to write a thanks list. Ten things you're thankful to God for. Like education, which others don't have. Like a campus with bright lights and great resources. Like money for clothes and school supplies. Like food. Like the opportunity to learn what all great minds have. Ready. Go!
Back to algebra. Pray for my soul.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty tired of school about now, too. Miss hearing from you!

God bless,

Anonymous said...

Please come back :]
Some blogs feel boastful, too legalistic, or too liberal, but yours always touches me. I really miss your posts.
I know that God is using you right now and I'm excited for you. I'm still praying for you :]


Rachel Danielle said...

Awww... thank you so much Tracy! I can't say how much that comment meant to me! I have also continued remembering YOU in my prayers! God HAS been doing some great things in my life, and taking me on many adventures, and reshaping my dreams for my pen- but more beautifully than I'd planned! I have actually been putting together a sort of a 'webzine' so that I can publish a ton of content monthly without having to stress over keeping a daily blog. I am very excited to see how God will use it, and I will love sharing writing and enocuraging my dear friends in the blog world again. Thank you again Tracy!


Rachel Danielle said...

(Oh, and I hope to launch that webzine this february!)

Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel!
I just got done reading Untouchable for the first time and it was wonderful. I especially loved the end. Water and the ocean remind me of getting lost in God's wisdom and love, so it touched me and made me smile :]
Your writing style is very appealing. It lightens the heart.