Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Black Bow Project

We are live with the Black Bow Project, and already to around half a hundred dollars as far as shopper's impact!

Life is busy in this corner of the world. Plans get thwarted. And nothing goes quite like you planned. And you can feel sick to the stomach or see it as part of the journey. What story is good without twists and turns, ups and downs, equally savored?

I'm hoping to write more this summer, namely blogging and storytelling over journalism (which is stretching, and good, but not necessarily my forte). Also, we're in the throes of the latest Living Vivid, which I'm excited about (I'm particularly excited about a story my friend Nicole is going to be sharing!)

And I could sure use prayers as I set about conquering this last semester of algebra.

I hope you'll enjoy looking around the Black Bow page, and consider joining our adventure by giving or praying (or becoming one of the black bow sisters yourself!).

Lots of love!!! 


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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! I will pray and hopefully support as well! The quarter-a-day idea is great.

God bless,