Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fun Links and New Cover

Photo used upon the condition that credit be given to the photographer. © Foaloce. Thanks for the lovely image!

So much prettier- I'm loving the new Untouchable cover! (If only she were a wee tad more auburn-- but very well!)

Rissi posted these adorable and hilarious pocket princesses and I thought to share the link to brighten your day.  

Part 1

Part 2

One of my favorites is part 2, Weapons on the Table. Just made me smile. :)

And then over at Regency Delight we're having a throw down of the greatest Jane Austen Endings, so gather friends or sisters to have fun watching, reminiscing, and casting your vote.

Have a beautiful day, ladies!


Rissi said...

Thanks so much, Rachel for the link s/o! Appreciate it.

Oooh! How fun - did you write a story!? Congrats. :)

Rachel Danielle said...

Hey Rissi- you're certainly welcome for the link! Also, thanks for the in depth reply to my question on your blog!