Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where I've Been?

Gotta be brief. Gotta finish some work. 

Where HAVE I been? 

Well, praying Anything and getting answers (so sorry I haven't posted for discussion the last two weeks-- I have literally been swept away). Loving this song by Sarah Reeves: "Purify, refine, shape me I pray! Wreck me for your glory. You can interrupt my day!" 

Several times, as I've sung this, crazy things have happened immediately after. Like the early morning phone call, "I'm literally on the side of the road and have no one to call..." and God bringing to my mind just the right person with a car to pick them up and encourage them. Like bringing food to our church's family with a precious newborn. Or spending time with the pastor's wife (a wife barely older than myself) to build each other up. Or running into a plethora of people I know at the library, just to smile at and bless them and encourage those who are down, tell one going into surgery that I'm praying for you. 

 Like the opportunity to make dinner for the family I babysit for while a million or so children (three, but it becomes a million when they run fast) are shrieking and playing, and to sweep, and do dishes, and have a relaxing home ready for their parents when they get off of work. Or to serve five teenage boys running around my house because 'it has air conditioning.' And being cheerful when 'air conditioning' breaks, and enduring with those five teenage boys who are still around, and keeping the refrigerator stocked with Popsicles for them. It's also meant daring to start up my little Premade Book Cover page, like I've been too terrified of 'not being good enough' to do. It's also letting go when there's no immediate income. 

And today it was giving a soft answer and forgiveness to someone who had hurt me previously, and watching God turn away wrath. And it was seeing God do a complete turnaround and hearing this man (who has been harsh to me all semester) say, "I won't call you Teacher's Pet and stuff anymore. And I'm sorry I've been disrespectful to you." 

And all of these little things are big anythings when you are exhausted, and have a million and more homework assignments, and isn't summer time for downtime? 

But I'm learning that sometimes anything is withdrawing for downtime. And sometimes anything is prayer and Bible reading and journaling and delicious green tea on cool twilights with contemplation. 

And God has been here, and it has been good. All glory, for all of these little divine appointments, and all of the strength for these anythings, all to him! Always hold close to heart, faithful in little, faithful in much. So if you are as busy as I am-- know my prayers are with you! And if maybe you're sitting around bored, stifled with a not-so-grand summer, I'm praying for you as well!

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Anonymous said...

You sound like a cheerful Proverbs 31 woman randomly running around and it makes me smile. I'm glad God is blessing your summer!

Tracy :]