Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Princess Skills- Perspective Change

I wrote this yesterday...

I've been seeing it this way: Stress. Too many tests. Half-crazy professors with unrealistic expectations. Trillions of papers due. Family drama I don't need. Not enough time to clean. Not enough time to write. Not enough time for anything but algebra. Evil algebra. The devil's handiwork. Hours and hours a day. Algebra. Consuming my life with pointy fangs of death that looked a lot like X and Y.

I've been dreading today, as a horridly busy day. Exams. Papers due. Amounts of homework that no dog could eat without erupting- and I sill have to prepare that lesson for Bible Study. But, I felt challenged to take this "Big Day," and start it with truly focused truly meaningful time with Him, and give this day to Him, my life a life to use, my story, a story to script. And He scripts the best of stories.

When focus is lost, the waves consume.

When focusing...

I remembered why I was here in the first place. I, who never wanted to set foot on a college campus, spontaneously received a scholarship, and fell in love with higher education, and learned the wonderful life of being a "missionary" anywhere, and it was all because of Him. I was here for Him. And when I make him first- suddenly life works. And suddenly, I see the beauty. And suddenly, I go from Rachel the Haggard to Rachel the Happy.

Now, I see it this way: Boundlessly blessed to have books and tuition paid for. A test, a chance to work hard, learn preperation skills, and grow in knowledge, a thing commited to prayer, a chance to take His hand. A paper due- a chance to display excellence. Homework, a chance to hone my skills or knowledge. Lunch, a time to spend alone with Him staring at the beautiful scenery. Eccentric hilarious professors that I love. A warm home to go to, not an empty home, but full of life and laughs and family. Algebra is even a magical display of God's wisdom, order and design.

Today, I challenge you to take a minute or two out for a perspective change. Pray, "Lord, let me see my life in light of eternal love and eternal life."

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Rachelle Rea said...

Oh, wow. *Just* what I needed today. I can so relate to not enough time to write, to clean, to do anything other than study so as to fulfill those oh-so-hard expectations...thank you for this, Rachel Danielle!