Monday, June 4, 2012

Living Avonlea: Marie

About: There are many lovely lands in the world. What is it about the fictional Avonlea that has feverishly captured hearts and imaginations from generation to generation? It was lived vividly, by a girl named Anne, through L.M. Montgomer's pen. 
Not long ago, I decided to live the land God has placed me in just as vividly. So when sunset or twilight comes (or any time that feels tingly with magic), I slow, reflect, capture, pen. I see beauty. I am filled with thankfulness. I hope you'll grab a notebook and join me.
Sometimes rhyming, sometimes lyrical, sometimes nonsensical, I cannot fathom or control the way of my pen upon sunset or twilight...

Photo from Pinterest.

Her name is Marie.

It sounds to me like 'lovely.'

She has hair like early, early pale dawn. Misty and yellow.

She has not an affection but is an affection; an affection that seizes, an adhesion and then a cohesion. A laugh like lingering sunshine. A smile with which she's not stingy.

Her name is Marie.
She is lovely.

But she doesn't know it.

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