Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pinsperational Tuesday: Funny, Delectable, Quaint

Started by Jessica at Diary of a Beautiful Soul...

Funnies! Click to Enlarge. The Dog/Cat Diary is splendorous. 

Fairy Foods! Cheesecake in a jar, and mini berry tarts. Yum! :)

They have that feathery feminine Jane-Austen-Like feel to them! I'd love to waltz about an English countryside in these!

Here is the link to my Pinterest! Prayers and blessings, lovely friends! (Also, be expecting some blog updates quite soon!)


Abilaine said...

Hello... I'm Abilaine and I joined your blog a while ago and have not made myself known to you yet. (:
This post was so beautiful. And my silly brain was wondering if getting a cat was a good thing or no... after reading the 'Cat's Diary'. (:

God bless,

Jessica said...

Wow, those tarts look amazing! The dog/cat diaries are indeed hilarious. Thanks for linking up, girly! ;)


Rachel Hipps said...

hahaha at the cat one! lol!

Love those last two dresses, too!

and the berries.

so pretty much everything. :)

Rissi said...

Those tarts/treats do look yummy, Rachel. =)

Rachel Danielle said...

Abilaine- what a pretty name you have! I'm so happy to meet you, thanks for following, and God bless you too!!

Jessica- thanks for hosting Pinsperational Tuesdays- I love it!

Rachel- I'm glad you like the prettiness as much as I did! ;)

Rissi- don't you wish you could pop some into your mouth now, haha!

Love and blessings to you all,


Abilaine said...

Thank you very much Rachel! But it is not my 'real' name. :) And I really do not want to share that. (privacy you know)