Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Poem: Winter's Clutch

As you will see in an upcoming story, I like to include snippets of song and
poetry from the story world to open each chapter. In a recent story there is a
snippet from this short poem, and I think it goes well with the post I just
wrote. I penned this in May of last year, when a Colorado snow was melting, and
ice within my own heart was melting too.

-Winter's Clutch-

Fog erodes

And shadow becomes trees

And grim becomes glow.

Walls of ice crumble

And barriers solid

Lie in grass. Sparkle.

Brown and grays

Shrivel away

For blues and greens.

Is winter's clutch slacking?

Within me-



Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely! I hope there will be more like this... it sounds a bit Tolkienish. I am looking forward [very] anxiously for your story. I can tell it's going to be great! God bless [and may you bless Him too]!


Rachel Danielle said...

I love that Tracy- God bless (and may you bless Him too!) I love that you think it sounds Tolkienish too, haha!