Monday, January 2, 2012

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Sunshine Recipes

Sometimes we make shadows blacker than they are. We can avoid the rain or dance in it- it's a cliche and so overused that I think we forget the simple truth behind it. Here are some recipes for thankfulness and cheeriness to brighten your day:

*Go write a list of things God has blessed you with(I keep a whole notebook).
*Take out time to praise, whether with a CD, or on an instrument. I love to get on my piano and play beauty and praise into the shadows that come.
*Go to a pretty out-of-doors spot, empty your heart to Him, and let Him fill you back up. Listen to the songs in the silence.
*Turn to the book of Psalms (34 is what I've been meditating on lately, and so precious) and pray that He would lead you to one you need to hear.
*(Don't laugh at me). Blow bubbles! I have a stash of bitty bubble bottles, 17 though I am. Just give the wand a wave, just watch the dancing globes of shine and sparkly, and just know that life is full of good things!
*If you like peanut butter cookies (these are on the sweet side!) I'll often make these
15 minute cookies to cheer up my heart and my household. When money is tight this is also a grand go-to recipe.

I once read somewhere that depression cannot thrive in a heart of thankfulness. Having battled with the throes of depression, I can testify that this is quite true! Feel free to share your own "Sunshine Recipes," I'd love to hear them!

Update: God has done it! And we got to be a part of it! $54,000 raised for orphans in India!!! More than we asked or dreamt! :D I can't praise Him enough. Thank you for everyone who has given and prayed!
Second Update: It looked grand on a different computer, but I realize the color scheme of this blog is horribly off... I'll be working on that. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. let me see here...
1. Take a walk in my neighborhood [especially on windy days, I love being blown around].
2. Read Beatrix Potter stories and every scene in the Chronicles of Narnia with Aslan in it :]
3. Listen to Sara Groves [a wonderful Christain artist].
4. Playing hymns on the piano, the older the better. They make me cry.

I love every verse in the Bible about God not leaving me! Psalms IS amazing!


Don't worry, I think all teens are naturally drawn to bubbles :]

Rachel Danielle said...

Haha, thanks Tracy! ;D I love everything on your list- I'll have to add those to my 'recipes'.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you and your friends reached your goal for the orphans in India! Will you continue to support them in 2012 or are your stories going to support a different cause? Just curious! God bless always!


If you haven't already, you may want to try to read some fairytales by George Macdonald. I think you would love them. Some I personally recommend are The Princess and the Goblin, At the Back of the North Wind, and Phantastes. Amazing messages shine through Macdonald's writing. I love him :]

Rachel Danielle said...

I love George Macdonald! Thank you for your congratulations. As for the cause of 2012, that has actually been a subject of prayer in my life lately. I think He's selected a cause, and I'm getting very excited. With vacation ending, I'll be posting more, so updates soon!